Bringing back retro string art: mandalas

This year one of my goals was to learn retro string art techniques and offer them as a class. After seeing a mandala I knew this was the first technique I had to master.

Geometric string art designs were originally created in the late 1960s by USA artist, John Eichinger. He called them “string mandalas” after the Hindu word ‘mandala’, which means, “circle within a circle". The beautiful curves which are created are optical illusions formed by the straight lines intersecting according to mathematical principles.

The hope had been that I could just google search and find instructions, but after an hour of digging I realized it was not going to be that easy. So, I found an existing mandala and figured out the nail count to determine the angle between the nails (for the spacing). Once that information was secured then it was figuring out how to do a multi-level mandala. With an hour investment I had it mastered and a very detailed step-by-step process for even the non-math person!

My first mandala class will be offered March 7th, 2017 at Crafted QC in Davenport, IA and I'll have the pattern/instruction sheet, as well as ready made kits available online for purchase this month.

#stringart #mandala #vintagecraft

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