After two years of classes many of my regular students began asking for at-home projects that could be done in “around an hour”. Come mid-October 2017, in response to this request,  I developed four designs (pumpkin, turkey, christmas tree, snowflake) to gauge interest in ready-to-make kits at local craft shows.  My goal was to make something that was affordable, would include quality materials, could be done outside the classroom, and could be tackled by any age. The response was overwhelming! After a few months of additional testing in a classroom setting, I took the feedback and began full mini kit production in April 2018.


I currently have 60+ designs available for purchase on my online store (shop button above), my Etsy store, and at 260+ retailers nationwide.


Each kit is neatly packaged WITH THE FOLLOWING:    
  • Full sized pattern

  • Gorgeous yarns

  • Stained wood piece

  • Clear step-by-step instructions

  • Technique videos

  • Stainless steel nails

  • Quality made accessories

All you need to supply is a hammer and scissors!